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Huaqiang Beijing worker (tianjin) technology co., LTD., founded in August 2017, is located in the valley of the Beijing and tianjin science and technology industrial park in tianjin, formerly Beijing huaqiang Beijing engineering machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Is a collection research and development, production, sales in the integration of national high-tech enterprises, was born in August 2002, the main products are towed concrete pump, cloth of truck-mounted concrete pump, hydraulic machine, wet series car spraying concrete equipment products, with several national patents.


The company in line with the "integrity, pragmatic, innovative" spirit of enterprise with The Times. Occupy the market by quality, win customers by the good faith, rely on innovation for development "is the tenet of huaqiang Beijing workers, the company brought together a group of outstanding hydraulic, mechanical and electrical aspects of professional and technical personnel, with professional and dedicated spirit, committed to the development, manufacture of concrete pump, focusing on the conveying system in the past the deficiencies and the place that easy to fail to do a lot of summary research and improvement, for the security, reliability, stability of the product provides a technical guarantee. The company has a set of perfect quality control system and strict testing means, with high quality products in the construction machinery industry to create the "huaqiang jinggong" brand.


The company has been awarded the honorary titles of "Beijing trustworthy enterprise, Beijing advanced enterprise in quality work, honest tax paying enterprise, civilized unit model" and so on.


Huaqiang jinggong constantly introduces excellent management talents in the development of the enterprise, establishes and improves various rules and regulations, constantly strengthens the internal management of the enterprise, and improves the operation mechanism of the enterprise. The company operates a comprehensive introduction of GB/ t19001-2008, GB/T14000 GB/ t28001-2011, quality, environment and occupational health and safety management system, the design, procurement, production, quality control, sales and service of the whole process of products to implement a clear and strict control requirements, for product quality, environment, safety to provide a reliable guarantee. Huaqiang jinggong has established complete party, league and trade union organizations, and its employees have a high degree of cohesion. Huaqiang jinggong has been awarded the honorary titles of "trustworthy enterprise in Beijing, advanced enterprise in quality work in Beijing, honest tax paying enterprise, civilized unit model".


Company with scientific and technological innovation for the driver, in view of the tall building, tunnels, Bridges and other key project construction and the design and manufacture of concrete conveying equipment, integrating with the world advanced technology, its main components were picked from the world famous brand, at present, the high performance concrete pump and truck-mounted concrete pump truck as high transmission efficiency and reliability of concrete conveying equipment, and through the national product performance test.


Huaqiang Beijing product quality guarantee, all kinds of service, completely beyond your expectations, we in the cooperation with the customer is willing to provide you with pre-sale, sale, after-sales services to the whole process of overflow, years of work in the government's strong in China Beijing, under the loving care under the support of people from all walks of life, under the joint efforts of all staff, in the eighteenth year of cast a sword against the recognition of customers.


In the future, huaqiang jinggong (tianjin) technology co., ltd. will adhere to the "day xingjian, gentleman to unremitting self-improvement; Terrain kun, the gentleman with the concept of "good work carefully, return to society. Wish you and I common development, share success

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Address: jingjin science and technology valley industrial park, wuqing district, tianjin

Zip code: 301700



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